ASA issued warnings to two online games sites

The Office of Advertising Standards UK (ASA) issued warnings to two online games sites after finding that a number of advertisements that they publish attracted children to gambling.

ASA issued warnings to two online games sites
A group of Fairer Gambling campaigns contacted the ASA in January about advertising problems, saying that it would be of interest to young people.

Complaints are associated with the online casino, owned and operated by Progress Play, and, which is operated by TGP Europe.

Fairer Gambling focuses attention on on advertising, which uses the stories of fairy tales “The Fairy Tale of the Little Red Riding Hood”, “The Fairy-tale Legend of Hansel and Gretel” and “The Forest Fairy”.

The company also pointed to a number of advertisements on, as each of them contains content that, in her opinion, might appeal to minors. removed the corresponding games from the access, depriving users of access to them in demo mode.

In their resolution, ASA representatives stated:

“Since advertising promoted a game based on fairy-tale subjects, which we considered very popular among young children, we came to the conclusion that such advertising is likely to be especially attractive for teenagers under 18 years old.”

The site, in turn, removed advertisements before the complaint was issued, and made demo games available only after registration to prevent children from accessing them.

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