How to Enjoy the Best Rewards From Jickl Community Casino

Welcome to Jickl, the world’s first online community with real money bets. Here we share the thrill and excitement from playing casino games. It’s much more fun playing together. On Jickl we meet and play in different rooms. Each one is like its own casino with a unique theme and character. A live symbol indicates that a host is streaming live in that room. Let’s enter this one to see how it all works. Jickl doesn’t look like any other online casino you’ve seen before. So let me walk you through the five main features of a room. We begin with the live streaming host. A host’s role is to create a great gaming and social experience. The hosts entertains and interacts with the viewers through the chat in the video stream. They play casino games themselves, cheering members wins and arrange group games. The host even hands up bonuses and free spins. A really cool feature in the stream is win alerts.

When you hit a big win it displays in the stream as an alert for everyone to see and for you to brag on. Next to the streaming host is the game view. From here you launch the games you’d like to play. Jickl offers more than 1,800 games to choose from. If you want the game to be larger just adjust the layout with this button. On Jickl we play together and share results. Below the game view you can find other members results in a real-time feed. Stats like latest wins with multiplier, best player and top win of the day ensures that you have a full overview. Click on a member’s nickname to see individual stats and achievements. From time to time the host decides to start a group game in the room. These games pop-up beneath the game view as well. All members can join and compete in games like multiplier race or big win rallies. The last feature I’d like to talk about is the room chat. Where the members chat and hang out. Beside the normal function the chat has some nice additional features: How about starting a game with a simple chat command? Try with a question mark instead and Jickl starts a random game. You can even start games in play-for-free mode from the chat. Join Jickl now and experience an online casino where it’s fun playing together at!